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Secondary Colors with Nick Kuchar and Friends

Oct 1, 2021

Art business consultant, author and podcast host Maria Brophy joins this week's show! Maria details from her home-base of San Clemente how she came on board to help her husband (and legendary Posca artist) Drew Brophy take his business to the next level. Nick & Tracey discuss with Maria their collective disdain for filling copyright forms (while recognizing their necessary evil), the benefits of constant goal setting and the empowering yet terrifying feeling of starting a brand new career. What do you do when you're faced with adversity? There are only two options really ... retreat or move forward! Maria also discusses licensing and other opportunities you might just be overlooking and shares resources readily available to empower your creative journey as an entrepreneur. Plus the best piece of advice she ever received - all right here on the 4th episode of Secondary Colors!